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Grand Hotel Valies is a luxury family hotel in a unique location at the center of Roermond. The hotel is located on the bank of the river Roer, surrounded by various historic buildings and the “Voorstad”, one of the oldest city districts. From the hotel you can see the adjacent River Roer and the ancient Maria Theresia Bridge, which was built in 1771 by order of the Austrian Archduchess. Behind the beautiful art deco façade of the grand hotel you enter affordable luxury.


Art Deco with a modern twist

Experience the warmth and grandeur of American Art Deco in the heart of Roermond. Articulated facades with luxurious details and decorations. The imposing entrance and the Art Deco characteristic symmetry and geometry are a feast for the eyes. Grand Hotel Valies is an ode to the American Art Deco from the 1920s or the roaring 20s. Translated into contemporary design and comfort. But also an ode to Roermond and the name 'Valies'. 'Valies' means suitcase and of course has everything to do with travel. In various places in our special hotel, the 'V' of Valies and Roermond is reflected in the smallest details.

Hotel design from the inside out

Owner Victor Adams, an avid business traveler himself, has been inspired for years. This is how his ideal image of a hotel room was created. A room that feels like coming home. With a practical and comfortable interior, where the convenience of the traveler is central. A warm atmosphere, where you feel welcome. Where you can relax and recover from all impressions. But it also feels comfortable for the hotel employees. And it is affordable and easy to maintain.

Interior designer Arnie van Dun translated all these wishes and ideas into a hotel interior. Everything was designed down to the smallest detail. The entire interior was already finished when architect Maarten Engelman was commissioned to design a building around it. The 1920s architectural style is therefore extended to the outside. And here too the 'V' can be seen regularly. Even if you look at the building from the air, you can recognize the 'V'.

Roermond meets Manhattan

The result is a particularly comfortable hotel. An eye-catcher on the river De Roer. Where the inside and the outside are in complete harmony. And where nothing is standard. Where it is pleasant to stay for hotel guests, and pleasant to work for hotel staff. With the warmth and grandeur of American Art Deco. Welcome to Grand Hotel Valies in Roermond!